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This workshop can be delivered to Primary and Secondary Schools as well as to other learning centres and cultural institutions.

After a brief introduction and conversation about the relationship between history, nature and design&architecture, participantes are encouraged to engage in a try-and-test exercise and quick prototyping of frame structures, experimenting with basic geometric shapes and how to combine them in order to come up with different spatial arrangements.

Taking inspiration from animal houses, body parts or plants’ structures and making connections with structures that we find in architectural and design projects, children have the opportunity to define a particular outcome/type of structure they want to build and work towards their goals.

Who is it for?

This workshop can be offered to children age 9-14, being designed according to participants’ disposition and to the aims and needs of the school or organisation's learning programme.


This activity can be run as an After-school Club or a Full Day Workshop (5-6 hours, for the whole family or for children only), as a 3-4-days Workshop, or even as a shorter activity according to the children's’ age and the organisation’s goals.

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