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What has this new reality changed our perception of the spaces that surround us and of how we (can) use them?

This project can be delivered to Primary Schools as well as to other learning centres and cultural institutions.

It is a project-based workshop where children are given the opportunity to create communal spaces and places for (re-)connections with their friends and the whole [school/neighbourhood] community.

Through teamwork, they design and build their ideas after experimenting and exploring spaces through their minds and senses, through their bodies, and with their hands, testing different materials and shapes.

The aim of the workshop is to encourage a more careful and curious look at the designed dimensions of the spaces – more specifically, in this case, the school spaces; and to foster a critical and creative engagement with the

built environment, using the imagination to explore new possibilities.

Who is it for?

This workshop can be offered either to KS1 (children age 5-7) or KS2 (children age 8-11), being designed accordingly to participants’ disposition and to programme of study’s objectives.


This activity can be run as a Full-Day Workshop (for the whole family or for children only), as a Full-Week Workshop, as an After-school Club, or it can even be designed as a medium-term project linked to the school core curriculum, according to the students’ age and the organisation’s objectives.

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