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This project can be delivered to Primary Schools as well as to other learning centres and cultural institutions.

Children are given the opportunity to create houses, picturing an imaginary future where our cities or villages would be intrinsically linked to nature. Taking inspiration from animal houses or plants’ structures, participants are encouraged to find out about how living things relate to their habitats in order to inform the decisions and solutions for their own project. Through teamwork, they design and build their houses (or even buildings) taking into consideration needs, functions and uses, while experimenting and testing different materials and shapes.

Who is it for?

This workshop can be offered either to KS1 (children age 5-7) or KS2 (children age 8-11), being designed accordingly to participants’ disposition and to programme of study’s objectives.


This activity can be run as an After-school Club or a Full Day Workshop (5-6 hours, for the whole family or for children only) or even as a Full Week Workshop, according to the students’ age and the organisation’s objectives.